• $7.75 for a 3 oz package


These mini salami are so cute and delicious, we're gobbling them right up. Seriously – they are one of our new favorite lunch/snack/hors d'oeuvre options (don't you just love anytime food?). They're seasoned with nothing but white pepper and salt, just enough to enhance the flavor of high-quality heritage breed pork. No need to peel — the casing is thin and natural. 

Did we mention Olli only uses pigs raised on an organic, vegetarian diet and no antibiotics? So go ahead: pig out! 

tip of the tongue

Picnic or lunchbox ready, we like to serve up these salaminis (ha!) along with crusty bread, Sutter Buttes olivesfig jam and a green salad. 

Pork, sea salt, contains less than 2% of the following: turbinado sugar, natural flavoring, wine, garlic, lactic acid starter culture.
Pork raised with 100% vegetarian feed, no antibiotics, no growth promotants ever. Keep cool, refrigerate after opening.

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