Mini-Bar Munchies


They made it! Yes, your guests have pulled the suitcases from the car, breezed through check-in (or your front door) and set up camp for a few fun-filled days. And while you can't control how much they like the mattress, or if there's enough free shampoo to go around, you can make sure they'll snack happy. 

Whether it's a hotel, motel, Holiday Inn, Airbnb or guest house, they'll be well-stocked with this impressive set of anytime snack upgrades: crispy chips and perfectly salted popcorn to munch while flipping through the TV channels, chocolate-y cookies for late night cravings, protein-packed energy bars to make that early morning flight.

Makes a pleasant surprise for out-of-towner wedding guests or visiting family. Tack on a bottle of their favorite spirit to really outdo the standard mini-bar stock.