Mid-Atlantic Munchies

Mid-Atlantic Munchies


  • $95.50 EACH
Includes our signature cotton tote

Mouth says...

Drive down I-95 to discover the culinary delights coming out of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia. We’re speeding past crabs-by-the-dozen and cheesesteaks (though we’ve stopped more than once for both!) to a sampling of tastes that includes light but crunchy pretzels handrolled since 1935 in the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, Old Bay-seasoned pickle spears, a childhood treat straight out of Mouth HQ in Brooklyn and nuts with an everything-bagel seasoning. What else did you expect?

Your experience is important to us! We always aim to send out the freshest possible small-batch goodies. Occasionally, we’ll need to ship something slightly different than what you see listed here, but we promise it will be equally as delicious!