Matzo Ball Soup Kit

Matzo Ball Soup Kit


  • $8 for a 4.5 oz box

Mouth says...

Soup, there it is! Now it’s easy to recreate your Bubby’s classic matzo ball soup, without standing over a stove all day. In fact, all you need to do is add oil and eggs to these low fat, MSG-free, and kosher (just not for Passover) mixes, to make a pot of aromatic, dill and celery-seed flecked broth floating with bouncy matzo balls in under 30 minutes. Oh, and if that wasn’t balls to the wall enough for you, you should know that this all-natural penicillin in a bowl is actually vegetarian. We promise not to tell Bubby. 

Tip of the Tongue

No need to take a side in the great floaters or sinkers debate. This mix will make both! Crowd the pot with larger-sized balls for dense “sinkers” with a stronger matzo flavor, or form smaller orbs and cook them a few at a time, for light and fluffy “floaters” that taste more like broth.


Matzo crumbs (matzo meal [flour, water], sea salt, dried onion, dill seed, celery seed, dried garlic, monocalicum phosphate and baking soda, potato starch, tapioca dextrose), Soup Mix (potato starch, sea salt, unrefined cane sugar, tapioca dextrose, non-GMO canola oil, dried onion and carrot, dill seed, garlic powder, parsley, black pepper, turmeric).