Marionberry Jam

Marionberry Jam


Mouth says...

This rustic jam is so packed with unadulterated berry flavor, it may ruin you for other jams. Dare we say it's like eating the filling of a truly terrific berry pie? 

Marionberries are native to Oregon, where they were born of a lucky cross between Olallieberry and Chehalem blackberries. Jam-maker Miranda Rake keeps the sugar to a minimum, letting the natural sweetness of the berries shine, so the jam has a loose texture studded with pieces of whole berry.

We have to admit we were extra excited about this particular jam, because jam-maker-in-chief, Miranda was a very early Mouth employee! We are thrilled that her time at Mouth helped inspire her to follow her passion for jammin'. And while she was a pretty great employee, once we tasted her jam, we knew she's found her true calling. 

tip of the tongue

Excellent for topping toast, oatmeal, yogurt or waffles, this jam is also our sidekick in some savory applications. Try a spoonful or two into a pan sauce to drizzle over seared duck breast.


Oregon marionberries, cane sugar and lemon juice. Comes in a 7.75 oz jar.

  • Vegan.