Marble + Wood Spoon Rest

Marble + Wood Spoon Rest


  • $33.50 for 1 spoon rest

Mouth says...

Still plopping your saucy stirrers and spatulas straight on the counter? Give it a rest! Spoon rests are the unsung heroes of clean kitchens everywhere, and this marble and wood spoon rest combines both function and style. White marble and warm teak wood make for a minimal, timeless look that works with all kinds of kitchen aesthetics. Unlike some of the less attractive (no offense, immersion blender) kitchenware that usually hangs back in a cabinet, a spoon rest sits out next to the stove all day. Here’s our thinking: if you gotta see it, it oughta be beautiful! And this has beautiful on lock. We rest our case.

Tip of the tongue:
The sleek design and neutral color palette make this a perfect housewarming gift for your favorite foodie. It contains the stickiest, messiest, oiliest kitchen tools, spares the countertops, and gets clean with a quick rinse. And It’ll keep looking cute for years to come. The (ahem) rest is history.