Maple Syrup Gift Set

Maple Syrup Gift Set


  • $85 for three 250ml bottles
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Mouth says...

This flight of maple syrups is the perfect gift for fall and flapjack fiends alike!

In it you’ll find three small-batch syrups from Runamok Maple in Cambridge, Vermont: 

Sugarmaker’s Cut – This is the very best organic maple syrup of the season. Runamok tastes each run of syrup, and when the flavor is at its “peak”, their sugarmaker sets it aside to reserve for the “Sugarmaker’s Cut.” It’s what Runamok gifts their friends, family and “those in the know.” It’s Grade A, with a luxurious amber color and rich taste.

Bourbon Barrel Aged – Runamok starts with their best organic maple syrup and ages it in recently emptied bourbon barrels. Like premium whiskeys, the process takes time and careful tending. But don’t worry – your pancakes won’t get you tipsy! The syrup draws in the essence of the bourbon, minus the alcohol. 

Cinnamon + Vanilla – Runamok uses the highest quality vanilla and cinnamon from around the globe to infuse a batch of their Grade A maple syrup. It’s good with just about anything: pancakes, ice cream, yogurt, cocktails… You name it!


“My dad is obsessed with putting maple syrup on (and in) everything, even his coffee. It’s also tradition for him to make us breakfast every Christmas morning, so this gift will get put to use immediately.”—Josie, Creative Team


Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup: Organic Maple Syrup aged in Bourbon Barrels. Comes in a 250 ml. bottle. Sugarmaker's Cut™: Organic Maple Syrup.Comes in a 250 ml. bottle. Cinnamon + Vanilla: Organic Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, Vanilla. Comes in a 250 ml. bottle.

  • Vegan.
  • Certified organic.