Maple Sherry Bourbon Vinegar


Maple Sherry Bourbon Vinegar
Mikuni Wild Harvest Noble Tonic 03 Maple Sherry Bourbon Vinegar Maple Sherry Bourbon Vinegar
  • $28 for a 15.2 oz bottle


Whoa. This bottle of vinegar caught our eye and made us swoon – gorgeous typography, cork and sealing wax. Then we tasted it – and more whoa-ing inevitably ensued.

Mikuni Wild Harvest is brilliant because they blend traditional craft with innovative flavor. Their philosophy of harvesting the most beautiful things nature has to offer extends to their line of "tonics" called Noble.

Tonic 03, their Maple Matured Sherry Bourbon Oak Vinegar, may be the most tasty example of "re-use" ever. Bourbon barrels can only be used once when making spirits, but Noble wisely takes Tuthilltown's Single Grain Barrels and first uses them to age amber grade maple syrup. After the syrup has been bottled, they then take the same barrel and use it to age Spanish sherry vinegar. So this vinegar takes on three wonderful flavors – charred oak barrels, bourbon and maple syrup. Like juice for lumberjacks!

Tip of the Tongue

Whisk together with your favorite oil for an astonishingly complex vinaigrette; add a splash to cooked bitter greens, lentil soup, or anything else that would benefit from acidity and sweetness. 

Spanish sherry vinegar, medium amber grade maple syrup, Tuthilltown Single Grain Bourbon. Vinegar has 6% acidity, comes in a 15.2 oz bottle.

  • vegan.
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