Organic Maple Bitters



These earthy, sweet organic Maple Bitters are just as good mixed into a drink as they are taken plain (Really! Maker Jovial King recommends it.)

With just a few spritzes they refresh – waking up your palate with a gust of earthy herbal flavors like dandelion and burdock roots, orange peel and fennel balanced by woodsy maple syrup. And we love that they come in a handy spray bottle, so you can spritz them over a cocktail, or even, yes, into your mouth for a refreshing burst of flavor! 

There's nothing like a well-mixed cocktail, complete with aromatic bitters, to perk you up. But don't forget that bitters were actually originally intended as a refresher in their own right, with countless health benefits ranging from improved liver function and healthier skin to soothing nausea or heartburn and aiding digestion.* That's what Urban Moonshine aims to highlight in their organic bitters and herbal tonics, thereby bringing herbal medicine back into the modern mainstream. 

*Mouth can't verify any actual health benefits. But we can vouch for how great it tastes! 

Tip of the Tongue

Mix into any cocktail for a delicious dash of spicy maple. Make an autumnal Old Fashioned, or get a little fancy and shake up 4 ounces each of bourbon and applejack, 2 ounces of maple syrup and a few spritzes of Maple Bitters with ice until very cold, then strain into 2 ice-filled cocktail glasses and top each with 4 ounces of your favorite hard cider. 

  • $9.50 for a 0.5 oz bottle