Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce

Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce
Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce Robert Lambert malted milk chocolate sauce Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce
  • $14.75 for an 8 oz jar


Maker Robert Lambert spent years hanging out with rockstars before switching to the culinary life, and you can taste a bit of that rock 'n roll influence in this addictive, spotlight-stealing sauce. Jack Daniels whiskey is the frontman in this ensemble, harmonizing perfectly with rich Madagascan vanilla, while bright malt keeps it kicking, and bass notes of creamy Swiss milk chocolate tie it all together. We're more than just devoted fans of this sauce—we're straight up groupies.

Tip of the Tongue

Toss in a blender with vanilla ice cream for a boozy spin on the classic chocolate malt milkshake. Or, heat gently over simmering water to melt evenly and use as a decadent dip for berries, a saucy sundae topper, or a coating for basically anything else that would be improved by a healthy coat of malted milk chocolate (hint: that's everything). 


Milk and dark chocolate, milk, corn syrup, malt, whiskey, vanilla. Comes in an 8 oz jar.

  • contains dairy.
  • contains wheat.
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