Love You Like XO


Listen up, lovebirds: We know that in the darkest night hour, you search through the crowd for the perfect gift for your main squeeze. (Bear with us – Beyoncé’s XO song is just too catchy!) So we’ve assembled two packages of sweetly sweet treats, one for every level of lovin’.

If you love ’em like XO, send a first level of love, this innocently amorous XO assortment of six indulgences: heart-shaped lollipops, hard candies lovingly hand-marked with Xs and Os, an indie upgrade to a nostalgic candy bar and the creamiest goat milk caramels you can imagine (laced with bourbon!).

Or pour some extra sugar on (XOXO) and give them everything: all of the treats in the XO collection, plus more incredible indie chocolate, boozy popcorn and a chocolate heart made of gold (okay, gilded with edible 23-karat gold leaf).

Your soulmate’s already got butterflies in their stomach – these majorly lovable treats belong in there, too! But hurry – before time runs out!

Actual real-life hug and kiss not included.