Lime Leaf Tonic

Lime Leaf Tonic


Mouth says...

Hello, summer! Whatever season it actually is, a cocktail mixed with Iconic Cocktail Co.’s Lime Leaf Tonic will transport you to warm days, balmy nights and an all-around sunny feeling.

The lime flavor in this hand-crafted mixer comes from aromatic Makrut lime leaves, which are native to Southeast Asia and impart a bright, fresh citrus flavor, without any bitterness. There’s also cinchona bark in this little bottle, which is the familiar quinine flavor found in tonic water, and a touch of cane sugar for natural sweetness.

The overall experience is like a super herbaceous gin and tonic…without the gin. You have to add that yourself.

Makes a great gift for the budding bartender and your friend who loves fancy cocktails (but is too nervous to make them at home).

Tip of the Tongue

Don’t know cocktail mixers? The math is simple: 2 parts spirit, 1 part mixer, ½ part something tart. When mixed with gin or vodka and a wedge of lime, this Lime Leaf Tonic takes a classic G&T or V&T refresher to the next level. When mixed with rum and lime juice it makes a tropical cocktail that we’ll be sipping on the stoop all summer long...and taking inside with us in the colder months.


Filtered water, pure cane sugar, kaffir lime leaf, citric acid, cinchona bark, lime juice


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