Zesty Lime Popcorn


Zesty Lime Popcorn
Zesty Lime Popcorn Zesty Lime Popcorn Zesty Lime Popcorn Zesty Lime Popcorn Zesty Lime Popcorn Zesty Lime Popcorn
  • $8 for a 2 oz bag


“No one can figure out the science behind it, but work is more fun in your favorite color. So we’re repeating the experiment, but with snacks.”


When's the last time you had popcorn you could describe as "feisty?" That's the word that "pops" into mind (sorry...) with just one handful of Live Love Pop's Lime Fresco popcorn. Its snappy crunch and freshly kettle-cooked flavor will have you amazed it came from a bag – and a look at the three simple ingredients on that bag will astound you even more: Just non-GMO popcorn, sunflower oil and lime sea salt that packs an addictive subtle, citrusy tang.  

Tip of the Tongue

This zesty popcorn would make a totally delicious, guilt-free alternative (or addition!) to a side of chips-and-guac at any fiesta. It's also a new favorite afternoon snack, perfect for desk-side munching. 

Popcorn, high oleic sunflower oil and lime fresco sea salt (sea salt, lime). Comes in a 4 oz bag.

  • vegan.
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