• $16.75 for a 1 oz jar


Sea salt, perfected. Hand harvested in Amagansett, a small coastal town in the Hamptons, this totally unprocessed salt captures the essence of the ocean, which means not only a more intense, complex flavor but also a much greater mineral content. The Montauk blend is mixed with fresh lemon zest, so every sprinkle will deepen flavor and add brightness. 

Precious and intense, we recommend using this as a finishing salt, sprinkling a little on dishes just before serving.  

tip of the tongue

This salt was made for seafood. The best fish and shellfish need only a slight turn in the pan, and a finishing sprinkle of this salt's bright, slight zing. But don't stop there. We also love it sprinkled on roasted vegetable or mixed into salad greens. 

Sea Salt, lemon peel. Comes in a 1 oz jar.

  • vegan.
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