• $23.25 for 30 caramels


This just in: Landmarc Restaurant caramels! A Mouth exclusive!

Landmarc is one of our favorite restaurants – both TriBeCa and Columbus Circle – and we go especially crazy for the plate of house-made caramels that arrives at the end of every meal. Buttery, soft, rich, chewy and ever-so-slightly-salty...it's a struggle to eat just one and pocket the rest for later. But now we don't have to! Landmarc has decided to start selling their caramels in jars, and they're giving us an exclusive! We're simply melting.

Marc has created a beautifully-designed mason jar filled with 20 of his signature caramels. Keep them at the office and you'll have one for every business day of the month, if you're disciplined enough to parcel them out. (Note: we are not disciplined people.)

We’re giddy to offer these jars of awesomeness. Whether for your own table or as a unique gift, this Landmarc sweet fix is the ultimate NYC souvenir. 

tip of the tongue

The jar says "LESS IS MORE." Indeed, the caramel is so pure with such clean ingredients (only five!) that you can savor one or two without feeling the need to eat the whole jar. Each caramel contains only 20 calories – so it really is a perfect little treat.

Butter, cream, vanilla, sugar, honey. 20 caramels come individually wrapped in a lovely glass mason jar.

  • contains dairy.
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