• $33 for 750ml


A versatile, elegant red, Lagrein is incredibly well-balanced, earthy and spicy, but with a sweet hint of blackberry. We love that these Northern Italy-native grapes were picked and de-stemmed by hand and stomped by foot, just like on "I Love Lucy," before aging for 13 months in oak barrels.

Channing Daughters on Long Island has cultivated many wonderful wine grapes rarely seen in New York, or even the USA. But this doesn't mean they're stuffy or esoteric.

tip of the tongue

This is the wine we drink with pizza, because it's easygoing and rough-around-the-edges, like your very best friend sitting next to you in the convertible, hair blowing in the wind. (Ah, summer.)

Did you know?

Wineries can use different kinds of oak to age their wines. French is some of the subtlest, while Slovenian gives a little more vanilla, and American adds the most potent flavor. Channing Daughters ages Lagrein in a mix of separate French and Slovenian oak barrels, then blends them together.

12.5% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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