Kone Coffee Filter

Kone Coffee Filter


Mouth says...

You're exhausted. You can barely get out of bed. You stumble into the kitchen and a gorgeous object beams at you – good morning! It's going to be an awesome day when it starts with something so stunning.

This stainless steel reusable filter is 100% made in the USA, almost entirely by hand. Etched with tiny, graduated holes (which get denser near the bottom), it allows in more of coffee's rich oils (like a French press) while keeping out most of the sediment.

Not only will your morning cup taste amazing, we love that we don't have to throw out a paper filter every time we break out the Chemex, and cleanup is easy peasy. Just give it a rinse right after you make the coffee, but if it does sit around, it's rugged enough that you can even put it in the dishwasher (best on the top rack). 

tip of the tongue

A great gift for coffee fanatics, especially when paired with a tin of Brooklyn Roasting Coffee or in our Coffee Tawk Taster. 


Fits standard 6, 8 and 10 cup Chemex brewers. 


  • Vegan.