Teriyaki King Salmon Jerky



Yes, that's right. Salmon jerky. Delicious, salty, chewy, shiny little gems of salmon, harvested from some of the cleanest waters in the world.

This all-natural jerky has the umami, sweet goodness of teriyaki salmon (who doesn't love it?) in the form of a healthy snack you can whip out anywhere. No need to wait around a wok at your local Asian-fusion place, or for smoked salmon to dry – the makers have done it all for you, adding the perfect salty-sweet combo of brown sugar and soy sauce to make this jerky totally addictive.

Made from wild-caught Alaskan king salmon, this fish is slowly smoked by cherry and alder woods giving it a rich, smoky flavor profile. It's also high in protein, Omega-3 fatty acid, and vitamin D, and it's made by Acme Smoked Fish Corp, one of the oldest and most experienced fish houses in the country. 

tip of the tongue

This is going to sound like a sales pitch but it's not - it's just good advice: this jerky is so truly tasty, you're going to need and want more when the bag is done. So make sure you order more than you think you need. Everyone will want a taste – trust us, we've been opening bags nonstop.

  • $7.25 for a 1.25 oz bag