• $14.25 for a 7.75 oz jar


The day Spoonable hit our tasting table was a fine day, indeed. We dipped our wooden spoons into the creamy sweetness, tongues shocked by the originality and intensity of the flavors, each one more spoonable – and swoonable – than the next.

We love them all, but there's something truly special about the classic salty caramel. This rich, dark caramel is made with nothing but sugar, cream, European-style butter, and sea salt from the Camargue region of France. We can't believe how much flavor maker Michelle Lewis coaxes out of of those simple ingredients.  

Tip of the Tongue

Your ice cream will melt in envy when draped with this smooth, rich sauce. But don't break it out just for regular old desserts. Try it in a vinaigrette or as a glaze on steak! 

Sugar, heavy cream, butter, sea salt. Comes in a 7.75 oz jar.

  • contains dairy.
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