Just Add Cheese

Just Add Cheese
Just Add Cheese
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Includes gift wrap in our signature tote


"As someone whose favorite hobby is creating and then devouring cheese plates, this gift bag has my name all over it."—Sophie, Customer Happiness


Create a lovely, cool presentation for a cocktail or dinner party, or just indulge in a little indie nibbling at home. We throw in everything you need to lay out one impressive spread: sour-powered pickles, crunchy crackers, life-changing roasted nuts, superlative honey and more.

The only thing missing is a bottle of wine and some good cheese. Some suggestions: a gooey double cream, a crowd-pleasing cheddar, a fantastic blue, plus a bottle of our favorite Chardonnay.

But really, who are we to tell you? Use whatever you love.

Worth noting: This makes a wonderful wedding gift, especially when you add on a gorgeous, hand-crafted wooden serving board!

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