• $16 for a 32 oz jar


Honey-sweet and more than a little spicy, these pickles are The Real Dill. Once you've tasted these pickles, you might not be able to live without having a jar in your fridge at all times. Seriously. 

Not only is the jar gorgeous and packed full of dill fronds, whole spices and fresh peppers, these are some of the crunchiest, tastiest pickles we've ever devoured. We're huge fans.

Tip of the tongue

These pickles are jarred with a few extra peppers, so they'll get spicier over time. The jar also looks great on a counter, so makes a really tasty gift.

Fresh cucumbers, water, vinegar, Colorado Wildflower honey, jalapeño, dill, salt, onion, spices, garlic. Comes in a 32 oz jar.

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