Island Plum Preserves

Island Plum Preserves


  • $14 for a 7.75 ounce jar

Mouth says...

The flavor of this jam packs a wallop of rich Italian plums cut with a refreshing hint of... what’s that? Anise hyssop. It’s a cross between mint and licorice, and it’ll leave a little tingle on your tongue. Turns out that this stout little jar has a couple little surprises. We’re well acquainted with preserves, but what’s a “cutting preserve?” We assure you it’s not a mistake. It’s a loose translation for a Spanish cooking technique for preserving orchard fruits. The fruits–in this case, plums–are cooked with sugar over a very long period of time until an intensely concentrated and thick puree is made. The result is a smooth jelly that you could even slice, not scoop. It’s able to literally stand up against any cheese on the board.

All this is the sumptuous work of Audra Lawlor, a native of the Pacific Northwest. After ten years in the New York finance industry, the winds blew her back to Washington, specifically a tiny 5-acre plot on Orcas Island. Leaving her city stilettos in the closet to gather dust, she dug her feet into the earth.

Tip of the Tongue:

Preserves like this are meant to be paired with cheese, a rich triple cream or perhaps a sweet bleu. Perfect for when mom has guests over. But then again... we wouldn’t judge anyone for sneaking into the kitchen to eat it by the spoonful, like a natural candy.


Italian plums, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, anise hyssop.