Indie White Wine Trio

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For the longest time, the West Coast was considered the Best Coast for wine. Maybe it’s all that sunshine. And while the growth of the indie wine scene has shown that the Finger Lakes in New York are just as impressive as Napa, we can’t help but notice that many of our favorite white wines still hail from the distinct soils and climates of Washington, Oregon, California.

Grab this flight of three tasty blancs that always have a spot in our fridge:

First, a citrus-y, slightly peppery Grüner Veltliner. Syncline in Washington State offers a great example of just how versatile this Austrian grape can be. It’s the first wine we order in a restaurant – the intense acidity and green fruity flavors are awesome counterpoints to anything from sushi to steamed artichoke to baked clams on the half shell.

Next: vibrant, totally drinkable Sauvignon Blanc. In southern California, Beckmen actually operates two separate vineyards with totally distinct microclimates. These particular grapes grew in a canyon full of gravelly limestone soil, which holds the vines back from growing too large or robust, and leads to a more intensely flavorful wine. Case in point: this bottle’s heavy tropical aromas, a delicious herbal creaminess, and a cool, crisp finish we can’t put down.

Finally, a white displaying big spiciness that’s rare for American Pinot Gris. This grape variety flourishes in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and St. Innocent picks at peak ripeness, which means more richness and spice in the glass. Texturally complex, with rich apple and pear flavors, this wine is especially great with fresh fish or Thai food.

Makes a great gift for lovers of the American indie wine scene, or a friend who just wants to get a little more familiar with white wines in general.

  • $78.50 for 3 bottles