Indie Pinot Trio



Pinot noir is having a loooooong moment, and we are here to show you why with this trio of red, red wines, all made with basically the same grape but grown in completely different terroir.

First, a complex burst of rich red fruit flavor and bright acidity. Billsboro Winery in New York's budding wine region, the Finger Lakes, coaxed just the right amount of tannin out of 2012’s hand-picked and gently crushed grapes, before aging in oak for 9 months.

Next: a 2011 packed with ripe berry flavor. Out in Oregon, Bethel Heights makes a low-alcohol (just 12.2%), totally drinkable Pinot full of fresh and bright aromas of black cherry and brown sugar, plus a mild hit of tannin that makes this one worth aging a few more years.

St. Innocent Winery’s light-bodied Pinot Noir is made from certified-organic grapes grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. One sip recalls dark cherries and berry fruitiness, plus some intriguing smoke and spice. It’s super food-friendly in that it’s not too dry – just enough of those slightly puckery tannins, which will only get better with age (if you can even wait that long!).

All three are great displays of nature working in tandem with nurture. This trio makes a great gift for budding oenophiles, or anyone who really likes to wine.

  • $109.50 for 3 bottles