Indie Bourbon Trio

  • $168.50 for 3 bottles


While bourbon’s ancestral home lies in the heart of Kentucky, it can legally be made anywhere else in the country. And frankly, most of the most exciting craft bourbons are being made outside the Bluegrass State, off the well-beaten trail.

We’ve assembled a flight of craft bourbon whiskeys from points north and west. Get your bourb-on.

First, a smooth and super drinkable bourbon from Ohio. The state grows about 10 times more acres of spelt than any other, so Watershed Distillery added 5% spelt to the predominantly corn mash. After two and a half years in the barrel, this one's still got just enough spice to balance out the classic caramel and vanilla.

Next up: a bold spicy and smoky reserve from Kansas. Going down with full-bodied maple sweetness balanced by peppery spice from the addition of rye, this bourbon from Union Horse Distillery is made with locally sourced corn and grain. You know what they say: There’s no taste like home!

And finally, an impressive bourbon out of Wyoming. Wyoming Bourbon Whiskey is distilled from non-GMO corn, wheat and malted barley, all grown within 100 miles of the distillery. It's barrel-aged for at least five years, which imparts all the classic flavors of baking spices, browned butter and caramel. It’s light and smooth with a long, long vanilla finish. 

All three are eye-opening when sipped solo. If you’re itching to start mixing, though, try them each in your favorite Old Fashioned recipe.