Named after Mouth writer Megan’s favorite hiking trail in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, where towering hemlocks, moss-covered boulders and icy vaults create a primordial landscape fit for a fairy tale (really), this small-batch vodka tastes as pure as the driven snow.  

Former E.R. physician’s assistant Chris Weld has lent his exacting mind and skilled hands since opening BMD in 2007 (when it clinched the title of Berkshire’s first legal post-Prohibition distillery) and takes no shortcuts with any of his distillations — from rum to corn whiskey.

The vodka (which experts with much more discerning palates than ours describe as having honeydew aromas and flavors of eucalyptus honey) is made by blending quadruple-distilled grain-based spirit with crystalline water from a historic granite mountain spring and then charcoal filtering it. This is straight up sipping material.


To make a killer Moscow Mule (2 shots vodka and ½ shot lime juice over ice dashed with 3 shakes of bitters and topped with ginger beer), you’ll need some killer bitters. But of course, vodka isn’t just for drinking — add some to your shampoo for shiny locks and to your vases with a teaspoon of sugar for longer-lasting flowers.   

40% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750 ml bottle.

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