Hunter Cheddar Cheese

Hunter Cheddar Cheese


  • $14.50 for 8 ounces

Mouth says...

Sometimes we just want a strong, sharp cheddar. Enter Hunter. It won’t kill you, but it might trap you with its granular, yet smooth texture, and the protein crystals that add that addictive crunch. Plymouth Artisan Cheese Maker Jesse Werner has brought European Settler-style cheesemaking back to Vermont. And we get to eat it. Ready for a fun cheese fact? During the two-year (!!) aging process of this cheese, the lactose content decreases. That makes the consistency a little more brittle, and a robust, ivory-hued sharp cheddar is the result. Science is delicious. Flannel shirt not included. 


Tip of the tongue:

The sharpness of this no-nonsense cheddar makes it the best choice for wintry weather cheese boards and all the tart dried fruits that tend to come with them. Pair with raw honey or small batch jam for balance, and don’t forget a sturdy cracker (like Potters) that stands up to Hunter’s bold personality. We also find that bolder spreads stand up to this strong cheddar, so try it with some caramelized onion spread. Soooo good. Or grill between two thick slices of sourdough with some sauteed mushrooms and you’ve got one hell of a grilled cheese. 


Raw cow's milk, culture, rennet, salt.

  • Contains dairy.