How to Celebrate Everything Đ Signed Cookbook

How to Celebrate Everything Đ Signed Cookbook


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Mouth says...

Jenny Rosentrach’s back at it with another jam-packed, awesome cookbook: How to Celebrate Everything. After her hugely successful Dinner: A Love Story, Jenny wanted to write a cookbook to really celebrate life. She felt like her kids were growing up too fast and she couldn’t appreciate the moments flying by (she’s not alone). So, she created a book that would allow her family to step back from the chaos, breathe and enjoy time together. Jenny’s recipes stem from her genuine wish to bring comfort and connectivity to each day, so every dish in this cookbook is special.

There are recipes for New Year's Eve, Mother’s Day brunches, Shabbat Challah, Thanksgiving feasts, as well as recipes for occasions maybe no less essential, but not as frequent. Après-ski dinner? Dog’s half-birthday? Sleepover goodies to keep the kids happy (while they’re quietly munching)? Heart-shaped cake for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Jenny’s got your back.

Don’t know how to scramble an egg? Don’t worry: These dishes are accessible for all levels of kitchen ability. Every recipe is awesome, but none are going over anyone’s head.  You’ll find yourself reaching for the book when you want to celebrate a birthday or just get through the day!


Try Mouth-ifying Jenny's more than 100 recipes with a wide range of indie-gredients! If you're looking for a holiday side, Jenny's "Classic Mashed Potatoes" are a no-fail crowd-pleaser. If you're feeling extra fancy, stir in French Onion Confit or top them with chunks of Black Peppercorn Bacon.


This book is, in fact, for anyone interested in learning how to make a meal to be shared with someone they love, and about how so many good, happy things happen when we do.