Hoboken Station Cider



This cider from a winemaker is light, refreshing, and kind of mellow, with plenty of acidity to balance classic apple sweetness. 

Not only is it delicious, with layered flavor that definitely reminds us of the complexity of wine, it's also made on a small family farm that we love as much for what it doesn't use (synthetic chemicals) for what it does use (draft horses!).

Brian Smith of Oyster River started out making natural wines, then a few years ago he got excited about fermenting apples too. For now, he's sourcing fruit from his neighbors, but he's also been planting apple trees on his farm, so eventually he'll have his own supply. 

Golden Russet, Dabinett, Esopus Spitzenberg, Calville Blanc d'Hiver, Blushing Granny, Ida Red and Golden Delicious – all are used for a balance of flavor and texture. And the cider is bottle conditioned, which means it goes through a second fermentation in the bottle, giving it a pleasant fizzy quality. Sweeeeet!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?

did you know?

Hard cider was the original American beverage (it's basically all the colonial settlers drank!), and we're so excited that this delicious, historical beverage is suddenly popular again. We've tracked down the most incredible indie cider and perry on the market, all fermented from apples or pears using traditional techniques.

tip of the tongue

This cider is perfect to sip with rich meals like stews, chilis and slow-roasted meats.

  • $17 for 750ml