Hey, Baby!


One of the nicest things you can do for new parents? Bring food!

Here's a collection of easy, healthful snacks and treats to make their sleepless nights a little easier, plus the most adorable hedgehog-patterned swaddle blanket made with organic muslin by Brooklyn's Foxy & Winston.

They'll think of you fondly as they munch on everything from the crunchiest granola and most decadent cinnamon walnut brittle, to energy-charging bars packed with organic fruits and nuts and seeds, to parmesan-dusted popcorn and zucchini chips dipped in basil pesto, to crispy crackers and white chocolate macadamia nut butter that can practically stand in for a meal.

All these goodies are perfect for eating with one hand, while holding that tiny bundle of adorable-ness in the super-soft swaddle.