• $16.75 for a 1 oz jar


Sea salt, perfected. Hand harvested in Amagansett, a small coastal town in the Hamptons, this carefully-collected salt will spruce up practically everything that comes out of your kitchen. 

Floral and herbacious, this Herbes de Provence-based salt blend is a natural pairing for meats, particularly the of the heartier variety (yay lamb!). That said, it will find many uses in your kitchen: mix a bit into soft chevre for an instant upgrade or add to roasted vegetables for an addictive burst of flavor. 

Totally unprocessed, the salt is pure and captures the essence of the ocean, which means not only a more intense, complex flavor but also a much greater mineral content.

tip of the tongue

A little of this flavorful salt goes a long way. Add a sprinkle to a finished dish to give it that final pop of flavor and crunchy texture. We especially love it on grilled leg of lamb and roasted root vegetables.  

Sea salt, herbes de Provence. Comes in a 1 oz jar.

  • vegan.
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