Hazelnut Whiskey Sandwich Cookies


Hazelnut Whiskey Sandwich Cookies
Hazelnut Whiskey Sandwich Cookies Hazelnut Whiskey Sandwich Cookies Whimsy and Spice Hazelnut Whisky Sandwich Cookies
  • $11.25 for 6 cookies
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"Warning: These are ultra rich, and we mean that in the best way possible. The thin cookies provide the perfect textural contrast to the soft, fudgy center, making for an addictive eating experience for anyone who loves a sweet snack."


Now this is a sandwich cookie for grown-ups! Two crisp, buttery cookies studded with dark chocolate chips and crunchy hazelnuts, sandwiching a gooey layer of Scotch whiskey-infused dark chocolate ganache. And classic vanilla makes it feel like it's a straight outta the oven indulgence.

Crunchy cookies, creamy center, not too sweet – what more could you want? Whether you like to twist and separate, slowly nibble or go straight for the dunk, we think you'll all agree this is one amazing cookie. Or is it two?!

tip of the tongue

Goes equally well with an afternoon glass of milk or an after-dinner pour of Catoctin Creek's Roundstone Rye, a spicy American whiskey that we like to pour for Scotch fans.

Unbleached flour, butter, chocolate, hazelnuts, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, scotch whisky, baking soda. Each package contains 6 cookies, each 2.25 inches across.

  • contains dairy.
  • Contains eggs.
  • contains wheat.
  • contains treenuts.
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