Mouth Exclusive Hand-Blown Mixing Glass



We mix a lot of cocktails around here. Office happy hours, weekend parties, endless recipe testing – it all calls for a mixing glass that can handle our craft cocktail obsession.

Once we saw what Massachusetts-based artist Andrew Iannazzi could do with molten glass, we just knew we had to nab him for a custom mixing glass. Together we designed this one-of-a-kind glass with ease and versatility in mind. The 45-degree angle spout and finger grips on the sides keep our drinks pouring into the glass, not all over the counter. Thanks to the 22.5-oz capacity, we can mix two or three cocktails at once. The 3” diameter perfectly cradles our favorite cocktail strainer, and the 6” height makes stirring with bar spoons a breeze.

And James Bond be damned: A martini needs to be stirred, not shaken. Same goes for other all-spirits cocktails like the Manhattan, Rob Roy or negroni.

tip of the tongue

Always hand-wash the glass in warm (not boiling!) soapy water. Extreme cold should also be avoided, so don't stick this glass in the freezer.


Handmade seamless cocktail glass in clear glass. 3” diameter, 6” height. Holds 22.5 fl oz.

  • $85 for 1 glass