• $18.50 for a 250 ml can.


Who you calling Shorty? We have nothing but love for this half-pint-sized tin of organic extra-virgin olive oil that brothers from a different mother, Ben Herrmann and Evan Loewy, made from a blend of their favorite California-grown olives (Arbequina, Leccino and Pendolino).

With a smooth, almost buttery flavor, this liquid gold gives sautéed and roasted dishes a leg up, but you’d be remiss to not enjoy it uncooked as well. Whisked into a salad dressing or drizzled as a finishing touch, its peppery fruitiness is the cherry, er, oil on top.

The super lightweight tin and resealable spout make it a total workhorse in the kitchen, easily grabbed and employed. And as the retro-inspired label instructs, it’s meant “for daily use.” That’s a prescription we’d like automatic refills on, please.


We’re so crazy about the vintage look and portable size of this tin that we’re not leaving home without it. Throw one in your picnic tote for a last-minute salad toss or into your suitcase (assume that the rental house’s pantry isn’t totally up to snuff). Or bring one to your host – it’s kitchen counter-worthy.

Extra virgin olive oil; comes in a 250 ml can.

  • vegan.
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