Grilled Cheese, Please

An expertly curated gift bag from Mouth

In this gift:

All these goodies come gift wrapped in our signature cotton tote


Buttery. Gooey. Melted, soft and golden. However you get there (panini press, cast iron skillet, actual grill), this nearly-universal comfort food will take you back to [insert your own childhood memory here].

You've probably perfected your favorite recipe, but the time has come for an indie.

Two American-made cow's milk cheeses, each stand-alone melt-worthy but even better together, are ready to be mixed and matched with extraordinary extras: Sweet and spicy hot pepper jelly; tangy, crunchy pickles; and a meaty, smoky bacon jam lightened up with floral fennel and cracked black pepper.

Melt your heart out.

  • $87.50 EACH