Green Chile Hot Sauce

Green Chile Hot Sauce


  • $16 16 ounce bottle

Mouth says...

What happens when you take your leftovers and transform them into something new? In the case of Tyler Dubois and Justin Park of The Real Dill, you stumble upon an irresistible, scratch-made hot sauce that is all at once smoky, spicy and, at the very end, crisp. When the duo had leftover Pueblo green chiles, they added jalapeños, onions and garlic and threw the lot of vegetables on the fire. For a strong acidic backbone, they sourced the primary ingredient: Baere-liner Weisse German sour beer from the nearby Baere Brewing Co. A handful of lucky customers got this limited batch in 2015.

Two years and literally hundreds of customer request emails later, the hot sauce was brought back as a permanent product for all to try. The first taste is rich, roasted flavors followed by a more subtle smokiness. In fact, not only can you taste that fire, you can see the charred bits of vegetable in the jar. The final taste is clean and bright, that sour beer aided with a splash of vinegar, lime, and cilantro. Your tastebuds will be tingling.

Packaging the sauce in a hefty jar with a wide opening was very intentional. As Tyler and Justin say, “you’ll want to pour, not dash, it on everything.” Bring on the heat.

Tip of the Tongue:
Akin to a salsa verde, any taco Tuesday would be spiced up with this hot sauce. But who says you have to stick to the traditional Mexican fare of chilaquiles, meats, or beans? Liven up a simple rice dish. Add a drizzle to your morning eggs for a real wake-up call. You can even swirl it into a dressing.


Baere Brewing Company Baerer-liner Weisse (water, malted barely, malted wheat, yeast, hops, lactobacillus), fire roasted Pueblo green chile, vinegar, roasted jalapeño chile, roasted onion, lime juice, filtered water, salt, roasted garlic, cilantro, spices, cane sugar. *Contains less than .5% alcohol