The Great American Burger Book (signed copy)



The smoky, onion-y, pickle- and mustard-boosted cheeseburger we built with hamburger expert George Motz is actually a spin on the Thick Pub Classic Burger in his new cookbook (page 40, to be exact). The pub-style burger is a super-sized, juicy behemoth that’s made in pubs across the nation, from Montana to New York City.

Hungry yet? Grab this book if you’re ready to tackle our Great American Burger (George custom-built it for us, with step-by-step instructions!), then dig into regionally famous burgers like the Smoked Burger from Texas, the Butter Burger from Wisconsin or the Pimento Cheeseburger from South Carolina.

Our favorite part? Not only is George a great student of burger-ology – he’s also a great teacher. His recipes are super easy to follow, with important and surprising tips sprinkled in along the way. Did you know there’s a right way to toast a bun, or to build a hamburger? That you should never press down on a burger after you flip it? That just by touching a patty, you can tell how done it is? (This involves a crazy-cool thumb trick!)

tip of the tongue

Straight from George’s Mouth: “The number one thing is: Put the beer down! Don’t get drunk! Really, make sure you’re sober. You have 15 minutes to get a burger right, and if you’re drunk, you’ll screw it up.”

Bust out the beers – or George-approved Rock & Rye Whiskey – after the heat is off!

  • $25 for 1 cookbook