Golden Gianduja Skulls


Golden Gianduja Skulls
Golden Gianduja Skulls
  • $13 for 3 skulls


We’d be wary of these little golden skulls if they weren’t so tastefully filled with a creamy, vanilla-tinged gianduja (pronounced "john-doo-ya")!

Do ya like gianduja? Wait, we’re sure you do – it’s an addictive, creamy combo of roasty nuts blended with creamy chocolate. FIKA makes some of the best indie treats with that simple one-two, like their Quinoa Hazelnut Chocolate Bar. These particular mini heads are filled with a mind-blowing hazelnut-macadamia-almond mix that we can’t get enough of, then coated in sparkly edible gold dust. 

They are seriously stunning but, let's face it: They're so tasty, we just can't keep 'em out of our heads (and Mouths)! 

tip of the tongue

These are always a sweet and smart gift – no bones about it.

Hazelnut, almond, macadamia, sugar, Tahitian vanilla, milk chocolate, edible gold, soy lecithin, salt, confectioners sugar, corn starch, cacao, coconut fat, cacao butter. Each package contains 5 skulls.

  • contains dairy.
  • contains soy.
  • contains treenuts.
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