Gold Star Cocktail Plates


Gold Star Cocktail Plates
Gold Star Cocktail Plates Gold Star Cocktail Plates Gold Star Cocktail Plates
  • $5.75 EACH


Whatever’s served on these small cocktail plates (7 x 7 inches) will shine as brightly as the gold stars embellishing them. The substantially-sized fluted rim gives guests something to hold onto when making their way around the room.

Though Meri Meri’s brand has grown exponentially since founder Meredithe’s early days as a mom making cards around her kitchen table in L.A. in 1985 (“Meri Meri” is actually her childhood nickname), the designs have stayed true to their original style. Functional and down-to-earth with just the right hint of flair, they appeal to both kids and adults, brightening up any occasion–even when the occasion is just a Tuesday night.

We’ve always loved getting gold stars. Our cheese and crackers feel the same.


Each pack contains 8 paper plates (7 x 7 inches each).

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