Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener


  • REDUCED FROM $12.00 TO
    $10 for 1 bottle opener

Mouth says...

If you love beautiful, minimalist design, and also things that have to be opened with bottle openers, you are in luck. Be Home’s products are all designed in-house in Northern California, and focus on a clean, simple, but also striking aesthetic. Meaning, these gorgeous gold and silver bottle openers will be right at home with essentially every kitchen decor vibe imaginable. Cute enough to keep out on the bar cart, these bottle openers are a huge upgrade. Your beverage choices just might have to follow suit (might we suggest our Mixmaster?).

Tip Of The Tongue: 

Those holiday party bottles aren’t going to open themselves, and while we appreciate the preparedness of your one friend who always has a bottle opener on their key ring, this year we can do better. Arrive at the party with this set in tow, and instruct your host to open it right away. Hosts love guests who come bearing useful gifts – you’ll get invited back soon, we promise.