Gluten-Free Brownie



We know our indie makers are not in the business of trickery, but this brownie had our whole tasting team fooled – we really can’t believe it’s gluten-free!

Yes, one chocolatey brownie from FreedGoods bears the same signature craggy surface, crisp baked edges and moist and gooey center you remember from the homemade brownies of childhood. A few simple swaps make this a guilt-free indulgence for any gluten intolerant Mouth – garbanzo bean, tapioca, sorghum and fava bean flours mimic that same fudge-chewy texture.

Baker Stephanie Norton is using the power of those gluten-free flours to satisfy her sweet tooth and do some pretty sweet things. FreedGoods donates 5% of all profits to infertility support and education. Yeah, baby!

tip of the tongue

Stephanie says to be careful with this one, as it has a “tendency to cause selfish behavior.” Top with a dollop of Fat Toad Farm’s Goat Milk Caramel (also GF) or pair with a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream, and you’ll completely forget the concept of sharing.

  • $5.50 for a 2.9 oz brownie