• $11.75 for 6 cups


Inspired by Kashmiri kahwah, a green tea infused with aromatic spices, this warm and bright hot cocoa is sort of like a chocolatey chai. Cocoa Santé laces organic cocoa powder with cinnamon, spicy ginger, cardamom, allspice and clove (no tea here), then sweetens it with a touch of cane sugar.

The most genius part? The milk is already in the powder, so all you have to do is whisk a pouch into one cup of hot water for a silky, rich, sippable beverage. Perfect for desk drawers, secret snack cupboards or your bag — because you never know when you are really going to need a cup. 

tip of the tongue

We hear that kahwah is a popular breakfast beverage among Kashmiris, alongside a saffron-infused pastry. So, you know: Reason #543 to drink hot chocolate before noon.

Nonfat milk powder, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa powder processed with alkali, dry sweet whey, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, allspice, clove. Each 12 oz box contains 6 individually wrapped 2 oz servings.

  • contains dairy.
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