Ginger Baby Cookies

Ginger Baby Cookies


  • $9.50 EACH

Mouth says...

These gently crunchy, deeply satisfying gingerbread cookies are in snackable size and come in an irresistible adorable ginger baby shape. Does the fact that they’re shaped like mini gingerbread men contribute to their craveable taste? Maybe not, but we like to think that it does. Rustic Bakery’s Ginger Babies are an amazing addition to the San Francisco-based brand’s incredible artisan crackers, flatbreads, and cookies—especially for the holiday season when we’re craving classic flavors. 

Tip of the Tongue: 

Ginger Babies are cute enough on their own, but the charming box packaging makes them an effortless holiday treat. They’ll look just as cute tucked in a gift basket as they will on their own with a sweet and thoughtful card. Whether your giftee choses to line the perimeter of their gingerbread house with them, or just devour the entire population instantly is totally their choice.