Garlic Hot Sauce (No.7)


Garlic Hot Sauce (No.7)
Garlic Hot Sauce (No.7) Garlic Hot Sauce (No.7) Garlic Hot Sauce (No.7) Garlic Hot Sauce (No.7) Garlic Hot Sauce (No.7) Garlic Hot Sauce (No.7)


“Yummmmm” was the refrain that echoed around the tasting table when this terracotta-colored sauce made the rounds. Makes sense given that Brooklynites Einav Sharon and Jeff Silva founded filfil with the mission of “adding yummy to life.” Mission accomplished and exceeded.

Filfil chuma, a garlic-based North African sauce, was the inspiration for this hot little number that’s a little creamy, a bit tangy and a lot kicky. This was their seventh version (more pourable than No.6) and we’re officially obsessed. Twenty cloves of garlic go into each bottle, but don’t worry about breath that could kill a vampire—the vinegar, paprika, cayenne and other spices balance out the bulbs’ pungency.

The hardest part is figuring out what not to douse with No.7. Eggs, hummus, avocado toast, pizza, tuna salad, tacos, soup, rice and beans are all ready and willing. We even liked the bite of watermelon from our overcrowded plate that got a little saucy…


Raise the flavor (and health factor) of your meatless Monday meal with a Moroccan-inspired roasted vegetable couscous spiked with No.7.  

Non-GMO garlic, non-GMO canola oil, vinegar, paprika, salt, Cayenne, spices. Comes in a 8.5 oz bottle.

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