Garlic Bacon

Garlic Bacon


  • $13 for an 8 oz package

Mouth says...

Mmmmmmm, extra garlic!

We're obsessed with this super-savory bacon, guaranteed to keep the vampires away. (Fair warning: probably best not to enjoy this bacon before that important business meeting or first date). 

So where did this standout come from? Ari Miller was once just a guy who liked to cure his own bacon. He spent ten years perfecting his homegrown recipe for friends and family, before seizing an opportunity to grow his business and really bring home the bacon. He started out at his local farmers' market, but quickly expanded to supplying local specialty shops and even chefs. 

The most important ingredient in his bacon? Heritage pork. Ari works only with farmers and farming co-ops that raise heritage breeds of pork (primarily Berkshire) certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Association. He slow-roasts all of his pork belly, rather than smoking, so the meat's natural flavors aren't overwhelmed by intense smokiness.

tip of the tongue

The awesome garlic flavor of this bacon is great to use in all kinds of pasta dishes, especially with tomato-based sauces: Slice the bacon into bite-size pieces and fry. Sauté your favorite bell peppers and onion, then add plenty of diced tomatoes, Garlic Bacon and a pinch or so of red pepper flakes (if you're into spice) and simmer. Ladle over al dente Porcini Pasta Trumpets made by Sfoglini.


“Garlic bacon – how the f*$# do they do it?! I tried to break it down. How can they possibly infuse the pork belly with that much garlic? And the fact that I couldn’t figure it out makes me like it even more. One crispy strip definitely wouldn’t overwhelm a burger.”


Pork bellies (pork raised without antibiotics), garlic, less than 2% of the following: salt, sugar, sodium nitrite. Comes in an 8 oz package.