Game Day Goodies

An expertly-curated gift bag from Mouth

Comes in 3 sizes

All these goodies come gift wrapped in our signature cotton tote


Question: What's more awesome than a bunch of friends and family crowding around a screen, screaming, howling, cursing, eye-rolling, fist-pounding and high-fiving? (And, by the way, that's only the commercials! Ba dum dum.)

Answer: Munching, chomping and demolishing one's way through the line of small-batch scrimmage, a.k.a. a coffee table covered with winning crispy, chewy and flavorful snacks.

This makes a perfect tailgate host gift for sports fans and social anthropologists alike. Or, if you're the one hosting, call an audible and order this for yourself.

  • $54.50 EACH
  • $90.50 EACH
  • $116.50 EACH