FEED + Mouth Happy Hour Bites




We partnered with social business FEED to curate this standout collection of small-batch goodies packed in their signature burlap bag. It’s a tasty gift that also gives back! Lauren Bush Lauren founded FEED to create products that help fight hunger worldwide, one meal at a time.

What makes happy hour just a little more…happy? Munching on the best salty, savory, nosh-ready snacks, of course.

You know your friends and loved ones deserve better than run-of-the-mill party mix or – gasp – stale nuts, so when the happiest of hours rolls around, set out this spread of small-batch bites to pair with a glass of red or a whiskey highball. Candied pecans, cheesy shortbread, crispy pretzel nuggets and the most addictive skin-on potato chips from the first gastropub in St. Louis (yes, so they know what’s best with booze) – all come packed in FEED’s bestselling wine tote, which also provides five school meals for children around the world. Now that’s something to toast!

  • $49.25 EACH