E.V.O.O.: Exceptional Vinegars & Outstanding Oils

E.V.O.O.: Exceptional Vinegars & Outstanding Oils
oil oil, walnut oil, balsamic vinegar


Fancy oil is so delicious, but why stop with olive? We didn't. This collection of outstanding oils and exceptional vinegars is just waiting for you to start drizzling, dipping and generally delighting.

Steal a few tricks from the professionals: Finish soups with a drizzle of shallot oil for that extra layer of richness. Add a splash of vinegar to braised greens and your friends will be begging for seconds. Serve breakfast for dinner and top fried eggs with grated parmesan and a little truffle oil. And, of course, take your homemade salad dressings to a whole new level of awesome.

This makes a great kitchen addition for enthusiastic cooks of all kinds. And, of course, the salad lovers. Lettuce not included.

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