Enamel Pizza Pin

Enamel Pizza Pin


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Mouth says...

Does anyone you know obsess about pizza? Opine about the merits of New York-style versus Chicago deep-dish? Fill their Instagram feed with photos of cheese pulls? Bemoan the rise of Neapolitan pies? Use fancy words like cornicione to refer to pizza crusts and talk smack about people who don’t eat their pizza bones?

Here’s a way for a pizzaterian to wear their pizza pride on their sleeve (without sauce stains): this steaming hot, new enamel pin made by These Are Things. Founders Jen Adrion and Omar Noory, the creative maker duo, started their collection of wearable accessories and paper goods because they believe “The best things in life are Things.” We have to agree. Especially when they’re food Things.

This gold and colored, rubber-backed pizza pin is a glittering inch-wide homage to a cheesy pepperoni slice pulled straight from a fresh pie with a beautiful red sauce coastline, crisp ‘roni cups worthy of Prince Street Pizza fanatics like David Chang and Paulie Gee, and two strings of dripping mozz that’ll distract anyone from the real stuff dropped on their lapel. 

Tip Of The Tongue

Who are you kidding. Who doesn’t like pizza? You’ll need one too.


Gold and colored enamel rubber-backed pin measuring 1 inch long. One pin per package.


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