Enamel Heart Snacks Pin


Enamel Heart Snacks Pin
Enamel Heart Snacks Pin Enamel Heart Snacks Pin Enamel Heart Snacks Pin
  • $12 for 1 pin.


We LOVE snacks. We’ve skipped many a lunch break, not because we have anything against lunch, but because we’ve been too busy snacking on indie foods all day long at our desk. Snacking is our job. Snacking is to be taken seriously. We heart snacks!

So, when we spotted this adorable pin, we were pretty sure it was designed for us. And all of our snacking friends.

Artist Bryan Sculthorpe is the illustrator/designer behind Yardsale Press, a company based out of New Jersey. His art celebrates all things food – tater tots and chocolate cake and everything in between. The prints and pins are silly and fun and use a lot of food puns (see why we get along?) and in general just bring a smile to our face. Isn’t that what art and food are all about?

We’re wearing our heart on our sleeve. And our lapel. And our backpack….

Tip of the tongue

The perfect gift for a coworker who has a desk drawer filled with a secret stash. They also make love-ly stocking stuffers.

Red and gold colored enamel pin. Approx 1 ¼" wide.

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